Apple PowerMac G4 Graphite – BlueIce G4 Case Mods, 1999-2002

25 09 2010
BlueIce G4 Mac Case Mods, 1999-2002
Apple PowerMac G4 Graphite before the case mod. Apple Mac G4 Graphite opened up. G4 components removed from case, now the real work begins.
It’s not a real case mod unless you spill some blood. Revision 1 complete, translucent case shell and internal blue cathode ray tubes installed for illumination. Revision 2 included a front facing 5-port USB hub installed. Apple Mac G4 case opened up and illuminated.
Revision 3 included a 5-inch LCD installed as a system utility display. Also illuminated a Apple Mac Pro Keyboard, that was not fun :\ Another angle of BlueIce G4 with 5-inch LCD and internal 5-port USB hub.

This case mod was originally executed from 1999 through 2002. I am reposting here from my original but now defunct old website.
The “Birth” of Project BlueIce G4 consisted of cutting/dremeling the inner chassis on the G4, making the the plastic side panels transparent and installing blue Neon and Cold Cathode tubes inside the case to give in an eerie blue glow. The initial inspiration for BlueIce G4 was based on the first iMacs released in 1999. I thought color customization was pretty cool and started thinking about ways to bring the same customization to my G4 and maybe even taking it to new levels with usability, functionality and appearance.

Revision 2 nine months later I treated BlueIce G4 to another major mod. Cutting more from the steel chassis, installing a internal 5-port USB drive in the front 3.5-inch bay drive and relocated the power switch to the bottom/front of the case so I could place a tertiary 5-inch LCD screen to monitor system stats, itunes/visual display among other atypical type uses.

Revision 3, I have done several minor changes/mods which include installing a 80mm custom blow-hole along with an adjustable 120mm fan/speed control, installing LEDs in the handles, and adding some internal components such as Serial/ATA 10,000RPM “Raptor” drives and a ATi Radeon 9800 AGP card.


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