Steve Jobs’ private funeral is reported taking place today, Friday

7 10 2011
Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple is ”planning a celebration of Steve’s extraordinary life” for employees to attend at a later date.

Rest in Peace Steve, Your soul shines on though your inventions.


Steve Jobs biography to be released on 24 October

7 10 2011
Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson cover, 10/24/2011

Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson cover, 10/24/2011

Steve Jobs forthcoming biography titled simply “Steve Jobs” release date has been pushed up to Oct. 24, 2011, (about two-weeks from now). The book was penned with Jobs permission/interviews and written by notable biographer Walter Isaacson.

The biography is said to include Steve’s brutal honesty of his life and his work. Steve also included the book was written for his children and I quote from Steve: “I wanted my kids to know me,” he said. “I wasn’t always there for them, and I wanted them to know why and to understand what I did.”

If you admire Steve and want to know what drove and made this tech/culture titan of our times order your copy, I have. (Barnes and Noble Book Link).

It’s been 35 years!?! No joke!

1 04 2011
Original Newton Apple Logo

Original Apple logo drawn by co-founder Ron Wayne.

35 year ago today Apple Computer was created to sell “personal computers.” Three people formed apple, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Thanks guys have been enjoying Apple’s creations for 17 years now myself.

For more Apple History check out The Apple Museum

(Image: Original Apple logo drawn by then co-founder Ron Wayne.)

Secrets of Steve Jobs’ Success [Exclusive Interview]

14 10 2010

There is an excellent interview over at Cult of Mac with John Sculley by Leander Kahney talking about the ‘Secrets of Steve Jobs’ Success’ and other insights. Check it out it’s a great read.

Steve Jobs and John Sculley circa. 1984

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