Two Line Bio:
Riscx is this geeky dood who likes to mod.
And he’s crazy, according to google

Full bio:
The Begining

Let me ‘splain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up…
Born in Van Nuys, California in a hospital right next to Farrell’s Ice Cream. I grew up mostly a single child and a true valley dood which practically lived off Pup ‘n Taco.

Young one
My youth was very much akin to living the Brady Bunch livestyle with the Lucy Show mixed in for hard-core reality. I must have visited Disneyland, Movieland Wax Museum, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios and Magic Mountain more than a hundred times since we had lots of relatives visit from Kentucky and Texas and we just had to take them once maybe twice and sometimes three times every year they visited. I found the Encyclopædia Britannica enthralling and captivated me for many late evenings, I would pull out a random book, flip open to a random page and start reading a particular subject for hours on end.

Birth of a geek!
One of my first jobs when I was 18, era. 1983, was working as a security guard for a company named Perceptronics, There I got to play with an Apple Lisa and thought it was simply amazing. Late in 1984 my father’s company was generous and ordered him a Apple Macintosh 512k computer, aka "FatMac" with an ImageWriter II printer, (to this day I can still hear it print with sounds reminiscent of Frankensteins lab lightning generators.) He grew up an old school working class stiff, starting working full-time at age 12 and never stopped. He really didn’t know what to do with it at the time. Enter moi, I had taken some Computer Science classes in college, although the classes did a fine job of thoroughly discouraging me about computers in general, (Setting up a dummy terminal to connected to a mainframe system 40 miles away to transfer two paragraphs of text at 300 baud was not my idea of cool and exciting computer fun), I told him to let me take a stab at setting it up. The Mac was a fairly quick process of unpacking, plugging everything in and hitting the power switch. I turned on the Mac and heard, what would become, the classic Mac boot-beep as it started to illuminate. I began to sense my true inner geek emerging, a massive chain-reaction inside of me. I grabbed one of the app disks, a 3.5-inch 400-kilobyes single-sided disk and plopped it in the front slot. I began to hear grinding noises and strange humming. A little icon loaded on the desktop and I instinctively double clicked it with this weird pointing device called a mouse which moved an arrow on the screen. The program launched with a blank document/canvas, I selected a circle icon in the tool bar and held down the mouse button dragging it across the screen and drew my first perfect circle ever! Then I filled the circle with a diagonal-style pattern… I was blown away… my head exploded with ideas, the possibilities! I was buzzing with energy with what this funny little looking box could let me do, create and accomplish. I became an addicted pixel pusher… The rest they say, is history.

Hacking it
I started hardware hacking in 1996 on a two mac clones 1. a Power Computing Powerbase 240 tower and 2. a Motorola StarMax 3000 desktop, those were some great systems, especially the Power Computing PowerBase, when Apple bought them out the best quote which sums up their merit was "Never again will I be able to buy a Mac, which is so fast, does so much, for so less." The hacks I started out with were the basics, rip out the loud internal fans and install whisper quite ones. Paint your beige case a different color. Dive into the inner-workings of the case and cut-out / dremel plastics and metals to install more hard drives etc. A few years later I decided to start modding Macs to the extreme, case transparencies, custom acrylic cases and wild illuminations. Why? Cause I got too mister! I have been called crazy, mad, an idiot-savant and worse, most are true others are just plain funny :p

I have owned my share of Apple computers and Mac clones over my 25-plus-years of geekdom, probably a dozen or so. Which is my favorite Mac? Probably a tie from the very first one the 512k and the Performa 600 (my first color Mac which also sported an optical drive not bad for 1992 standards), which was my least favorite Mac? The very same Performa 600 lol, damn slow, but really nice color… ewww.

I work managing several Socal websites. I spend time with my better half and family, play games and get my geek on in between. I still have some ideas and a few things up my sleeve, so be warned >:)

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(Originally published on (10/31/01) but republished for their site redesign (01/23/04)


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